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The Marketing Lab is a full-service agency, specialising in franchise marketing. We act as a catalyst, partnering with franchisors to build out strategic campaigns and powerful national strategies, but we also work directly with franchisees to execute those activities at a local level. By serving both franchisors and franchisees within the one agency, we are uniquely positioned to deliver seamless end-to-end marketing that drives results.
Sicence Beaker


For franchisors, we’re kind of like a beaker. We take a measured, strategic approach and keep things contained by protecting your brand. From concept ideation of national brand campaigns, to franchise recruitment marketing strategy, we partner with you as a trusted extension of your team working to grow your franchise.
Alcohol Burner


For franchisees, we’re more like a Bunsen burner. We get things moving with local area marketing planning and execution that drives enquiry straight to your business. As a franchisee, we know you and your team are busy – so we always make practical recommendations and we move fast to get them into action.

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The Marketing Lab’s business model, systems and processes have all been built from the ground up to serve entire franchise networks. So when it comes to franchise insight, expertise, and ability to deliver impactful marketing for both franchisors and franchisees at scale? Our agency is absolutely one of a kind.
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