The Right Franchise Marketing Opportunities

by Gregg Lee

Do you want to market your franchise but don’t know where to start? There are many local area marketing (LAM) options available and finding the right marketing opportunities for your business is crucial. You need advertising approaches that match your marketing objectives, will communicate your message to your target audience but are also aligned with your franchise brand guidelines. And of course, advertising options need to suit your budget. Here at The Marketing Lab, we can help guide you through the vast landscape of local area franchise marketing!

Common Local Area Marketing Options

Some common LAM opportunities that are tried and true include:

  • Activations – perfect to get out into your community
  • Cinema Advertising – see your business on the BIG screen
  • Digital Marketing – essential. Google My BusinessTM / FacebookTM / LinkedInTM
  • Direct Mail – also known as letterbox drops
  • In-centre Advertising – promote your business in your local shopping complexes
  • Out of Home and Billboard Advertising – make your business known
  • Press Advertising – put an ad in your local newspaper or advertise in magazines
  • Radio Advertising – hear your business promoted over the airwaves
  • Television Advertising – see your business on the TV

What to Choose

That is a big list – and it can be quite daunting! So, what to choose? Well, the answer is…RESEARCH! To develop a holistic approach to your local area marketing, you need to research. Your business objectives, your target areas and target audience, and available opportunities need to be defined. Once these facets have been outlined, you can start to whittle away options that are not available or are just not suited to your business or target market. To hone that list down further, factors like pricing and communication coverage need to be examined. 

Is There an Easier Way?

Unfortunately, no. The days of just throwing something against the wall it praying it sticks, are long gone – which is actually a good thing! You work hard for your money and you need your money to work hard for you. 

But don’t despair…there is some good news! Here at The Marketing Lab, we can supply a tool to help you navigate the terrain.

The Marketing Lab has developed a plan that provides a thorough overview of the local marketing options available in your area. It covers the core marketing elements that should be considered in a holistic marketing plan, gives a summary overview of the opportunities and gives an indication of pricing for that activity. The report also offers some top line suggestions. 

Starting Your Local Area Marketing Journey

Getting expert advice is recommended as the local area marketing space can be overwhelming and very time-consuming. With help from The Marketing Lab though, the important task of planning your marketing strategy can be painless. Plus, when it comes time for bookings, having an agency that works with multiple advertising media suppliers equates to better deals, cheaper prices and less stress!

Protecting Your Franchise Brand

When seeking advice, be sure focus is paid on protecting your franchise brand’s image. Sticking to brand guidelines is crucial to maintaining a consistent message throughout the advertising landscape. Brand guidelines can stipulate what is allowed and what is not when it comes to advertising approaches. Just because an opportunity is available in your area does not necessarily mean you can adopt it in your marketing strategy.

Taking the Plunge

Armed with your newly gained knowledge, it is now time to develop a marketing plan. When devising your plan, we suggest to keep it simple until you find your feet and remember, bigger is not always better. Local Area Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not get disheartened if the phone is not ringing off the hook in the first week. Consistency and frequency are key!! 

Need help?

With so many local marketing opportunities available, we know it can be difficult to decide which approach is right for your franchise. If you’d like some guidance, or would like to know more about our local area marketing plans, please contact us at The Marketing Lab.

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