The Power of Outdoor Marketing

The power of outdoor marketing
The power of outdoor marketing
By Gregg Lee

Outdoor marketing, also referred to as Out of Home (OOH) advertising, is a valuable tool to help you share your message with a large number of potential customers. Outdoor advertising is everywhere. Billboards, posters, digital screens, bus stops, train stations – the list goes on. The buses and trains themselves can even be moving ads!

Commonly-used OOH media

Some examples of out of home advertising include:

– Billboards

– Scrolling posters

– Telephone booth posters

– Community maps

– Bus stops

– Train / tram station advertising

– Transit advertising – buses, trains, trams, taxis

– Shopping centre carpark advertising

– Fuel station advertising

– Street signpost advertising

– Rubbish bin surrounds

– Human billboards

– Water-pressure stenciling

Static vs Digital

OOH media is available in either static or digital form and it’s the digital form that is driving some exciting new marketing opportunities. Digital not only offers speed and flexibility in getting artwork into market, it has the ability to allow for a more diverse messaging with hyper-localised customization, integration of live and real time content or the ability to use multiple messages in your share of voice to tell a story or take a client on a journey.

Out of Home Advertising and Your Franchise

Out of home advertising is a great way to extend your national franchise message to a local level. Not only does OOH offer direct benefits in terms of reach and frequency in its own right, but research shows that Out Of Home works exceptionally well as an extension to another local area marketing activity such as direct mail or radio.

Utilising OOH media

Outdoor marketing has many great features and can be used to help achieve your advertising goals. From generating awareness of your franchise to highlighting your location, OOH media is well-suited to deliver a simple, short, sharp message. Out of home advertising is also a good way to convey specific messages, such as promotions and offers, to your franchise territory.

Large target audience

OOH marketing is ideal at reaching a large audience and a wide range of customers and multi-location campaigns can have huge impact across your franchise territory, driving curiosity and interest. Strategically placed outdoor advertising can lift engagement in your campaign particularly if the call to action is simple.

Big budget vs affordability

The world of out of home advertising is a vast space and there are choices to cater for a large range of budgets. Massive supersite billboards on major city arterials can command hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but you can get your message out to the community at a fraction of the cost by choosing other formats. Bus stop and telephone booth advertising can act as mini-billboards on major roads and can be an effective alternative for your franchise.  

Distress rates

Advertising on billboards does not have to be pipedream. Distress rates are discounts offered by billboard companies to fill vacancies. Each month, discounted rates often become available across the network. These cheaper advertising fees can make this OOH option very attractive. Just make sure you have artwork ready to go.

Need help?

With so many outdoor marketing options available, we know it can be difficult to decide which out of home approach is right for your franchise. If you’d like some guidance, or would like to be put on our distress rate notification list, please contact us at The Marketing Lab.

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