We’ve worked with hundreds of franchisees, and while each brand approaches local marketing a little differently, there are some common challenges with local area marketing that are pretty consistent. So, we developed a framework that helps franchisees move easily and with purpose, from marketing planning to marketing implementation.


Step 1

Local Opportunity Plan

Before you start marketing you need to understand what options are available to you in your specific territory. Armed with this knowledge you can make informed decisions and choose the activities that will deliver the greatest impact for your business. Our Local Opportunity Plan is a blueprint for all the activities in your area, totally customised for your local franchise. It serves as a consolidated marketing snapshot of what you could do, including indicative pricing, and combined with advice from your head office, becomes the foundation reference for all your local area marketing.


Your Local Opportunity Plan is a 25+ page report of all of the local marketing options available in your area. Totally customised for your business, this document covers 11 core activities that are the foundations of local area marketing.

Step 2

90 Day Plan

Once you know what local area marketing opportunities are available to you, the next step is to plan the campaigns that you are going to run. Your 90 day plan shows the activities you are going to undertake, their start and end dates, the marketing objective and the budget you’ve assigned. This plan can be shared with your team or field manager and is a practical tool to help ensure you are consistent and thorough with your local area marketing investment.


We’ve done so many 90 day plans that we’ve developed our own custom online tool. Simply enter in your marketing activity and costs and the tool automatically calculates your marketing spend and plots your plan ready to output to PDF. We know how valuable 90 day plans are to successful local area marketing, so have made the LAMP Tool available to franchisees and franchisors. For more info, pricing or a demo, click the button below.



Step 3Implementation

Now that your planning is done, it’s time to book, create, design and action your marketing. We work in partnership with your franchisor to ensure you are leveraging the resources already available to you, helping to keep your costs down. Our support offerings for franchisees are flexible and we don’t have any lock in contracts, so you can use us as little or as much as you need so you are always in control.


While each local area will have a unique media mix that the community responds to, there are a number of tested and effective local area marketing activities that we love to help with:

Traditional LAM Activities

Digital LAM Activities


See a Local Opportunity Plan, 90 Day Plan and some examples of great local area marketing we helped our clients implement.

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